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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 17, 2023 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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about what is in some thematic way to be a man in our need to have. coming up now is a strong man he is the great sean hannity he is the star of the network and there's a crowd there. [cheers and applause] >> hannity: say hello to will cain. are i you great job. welcome to "hannity" at our live audience show and tonight they line up house speaker kevin mccarthy is negotiating with joe biden on the issue of the debt ceiling he will join us you also hear from presidential candidate. the one and only laura ingraham right here next-door in studio coming tonight first restart with a top story it's called reparations. i'll be taking large sums of money and we disturbing those funds to african americans that
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mean every american will pay a set of sporting wealth based on need, many would be allocated to individuals purely based on the issue of race. the premise according to the left would be to compensate for the evils of slavery. first the country simply cannot afford the billions, billions of dollars and shrines of dollars that would likely used to allocate ultimately is a punitive measure went out even further divided country that's already deeply divided those who support reparations believe that america is a good country filled to the brim with generations about people. while no intelligent may be clear. it be a great injustice to ignore all the progress this country is made on racial issues and other issues which is the beauty of our great const constitution. it is provided all of us a road map and we can write wrongs and correct injustices with made a lot of progress was a long way
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to go. no doubt reparations asymmetry and policy based on divisive racial politics. if you think that it's a far-fetched pipe dream you better think again. because common sense in america is now becoming a thing of the past. common sense i could say maybe half the country is very much dead. no democrats in congress they are planning a 14 listen to this not million, not billion $14 trillion reparations plan. watch this. >> our country was not founded on the principle that all people are created equal the media focuses on this one can a pe person. united states still 12 million people. this is an opportunity for congress to confront our recent history of white soup remedy
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that grows and fester with in all corners of her country. >> our education system has trained us to love and worship our own presser and our master. and to do whatever we can work with in its structure and its systems to uphold our continued oppression. so we talked about the impact of heart disease, high blood pressure. diabetes. it's directly connected to our historical oppression in this country. >> hannity: keep in mind the entire u.s. budget is around $6 trillion way too high already. they wanted additional $14 trillion just for reparations. you're not can get from leaners if you look at the qubit of wealth of every single billionaire in the country it's in your $5 trillion that they confiscated every signal sent. so make a mistake is coming from
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your pocket, every americans pocket and will matter when a first generation immigrant working class american or native american or a low income earner from around the country these numbers of congress want to penalize everyone in the country simply because you were born with the wrong ethnicity. now it's not free to ask my families in america that have no connection at all when he generational involvement in slavery why should they be fully urged to pay massive sums of money when either they or any family member in the past had any involvement at all with slavery. the books to give parents a scout they've already drafted a plan and want to give $5 million swell 50,000 black residents in that city grants to buy and maintain homes. exempting african american businesses from paying taxes.
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and not just here in cisco california. and i have you new york, new jersey, illinois. they're all developing similar plants and this become a reality. according to the democratic party it is the least evil american taxpayers can do. ultimately it is a political ploy from democrats why? because they like to see american divided they want to bias on the issue of race and age and and gender. in order to energize the radical base. this is not about truth it's not about logic, it's not about fairness it's not about equity. it's about winning elections by vilifying in many cases here innocent people. over the weekend we witness joe biden went down to howard university and proclaim that whites of premises is the greatest terror threat and the entire world. here's what he said. >> president biden: stand up against the poison of white supremacy.
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the most dangerous terrorists on a moment's white supremacy. [applause] i'm not saying this because i'm at black hpc you. i say it wherever i go. >> hannity: thus the same joe biden you might all recall i talked about it during the election in 2020 that partnered with the former klansman robert kkk bird. and try to stop the indication of public schools is in his words he did not want public schools to become racial jungles. that was joe biden. so maybe he could pay the reparations it's not isis is the biggest threat, it's not al qaeda it's not going neighbors shooting dozens of innocent african american african american citizens on the weekend. according to joe and most democrats the ambiguous threat
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of whites a premise he most dire crisis of our time. no doubt about it whites a primacy is evil most americans see it as evil most americans believe it has no place in america. democrats now are magnifying this for political gain. most americans see white supremacy is ignorant, and evil. an intern they are ignoring the real problems. look at the decades of democratic rule and places like baltimore, philadelphia, chicago, new york. the quality of life for many is abysmal. where if the democrats been was widespread violence is erupting in cities like chicago, new york, shootings of people murdered every single weekend. what are they doing to fix the failing public schools of many minorities in this country? i'll take the city of baltimore for example 23 city schools and not one single student proficient in math. not one. we had failed the children many
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minority children, and they don't lift a finger to help fix the system. the democrats don't seem to care it so long as they are winning elections. keeping power and for the left that's all that matters. anyway here is reaction is the chairman of the project 21 cooper along with fox news contributor front leo 2.0 terrell. welcome both of you. [cheers and applause] are limits are with you tonight. this is not just california anymore. it's going nationwide now they're talking about $14 trillion more than double our annual entire budget with the federal government and know how they plan to delineate it would be or would be eligible to know how they justify some people paying if their families have no history of being involved in the slave trade which a reaction? >> first of all things are having on the program sean, i
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want to say i love leo 2.0 terrell far better than leo terrell. good to see you. let me point out that the graft that we have seen in california with the reparations scam is only met by the greater graft that we are seeing in the country. by the way is con artists, descriptors the organ solar books, there can hold a little sessions and they're gonna tell us that the biggest problem that americans of color face is that there are some pointy here and headed people going around threatening to burn their house down stopping them from voting et cetera. nobody believes that. but why does joe biden join them? why does the national party of democrats join them? they do so because they know that they have failed black
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america, working-class america, middle-class americans and they've decided let's just scare the living daylights out of black america and then let's bribe them the same way that the nigerian prince works. give us your votes sign over what's valuable to you will use it the way we can. where can promise you several million dollars. this note several million dollars coming. there's no nigerian prince. this is a con sham on a president in the party for lying in bed with the commoners and trick grifters. >> hannity: this came up a lot during the election. in fact joe biden partnered with the former of the ku klux klan robert byrd. he said great things about him when he passed away. also partnered with him to stop the integration public schools again. his words not mine.
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he did not want public schools becoming racial jungles. speak a limitary right now and you might recall in 2020 that's when i left the democratic party. because joe biden you might recall if novo for me you're not black. joe biden is the most racist president ever. he is the imperial the clan. this is a guy is the reason why i left the democratic party blessed talk about this reparations. i want everyone on your children know one thing. i'll be the first lawyer at the doorstep to prevent any type reparations of her passing. it's illegal, it's racist, it's unconstitutional. in a black progressive we start out reparations look how this racist country benefited them. they have a government job, they got health care their kids don't go to the same schools as the blacks were being split by them these progressives use black voters and exploit them. they don't live like them, they don't live in these crime-ridden cities but they talk a good
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game. i think most black americans are aware these individuals are not looking out for us the hour professional shakedown artist. that's all that they are doing it's not gonna work. not 1 penny of american taxpayers dollars were ever, ever, ever be spent on reparations. [applause] >> hannity: on the show since 2009 we have shown the names of many of the people's names their african americans. their shot, shot and killed in cities like chicago, new york, i've not seen these are democratic run cities, democratic states for decades. i've never seen anyone lift a finger to help solve the violence that is going on in many neighborhoods of color in this country. i've not seen them going to the school system and help resolve the failing school system. now all of a sudden they think money is the answer.
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>> the left is always thought that money is the answer is long at some of else's. i've written two books the first one was how donald trump is making black america great again. and it showed how many black americans were employed at record numbers. it showed how many blacks got to go off to college. and how many of their parents and families were able to pay for it. i wrote about the achievements their unparalleled the only thing is when donald trump was president everybody. but here's the story. the reason i wrote my second book how joe biden's policies on black america is put you back in chains is because these will policies destroy communities because they're more interested in the green people. the eco-warriors are more interested in lgbtq community. black americans are pleased that black of the bus.
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but, when black americans see this they get upset. so what does the left want to do? the pretend. there is a chance we are to give you million dollars. keep giving us your vote we are knocking to fix her schools we are to destroy the job market, we are going to destroy the economy. american notes right now we are in a recession and yet this president wants us to believe is the greatest time ever. you're not fooling anybody in reparations i join with leo organization will also sue to stop this from ever happening it's illegal is unconstitutional. [applause] >> hannity: thank you both. we turn out to the washington were joe biden is so confident that a deal will be reached on the debt ceiling so we don't default as a country. which is two weeks to go it's mr. my way the highway joe biden finally negotiating or is too little, too late?
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house speaker kevin mccarthy is with us business because thank you. [applause] over a hundred days ago i started reaching out to you and saying mr. speaker any update on the debt ceiling, mr. speaker any update? by the monday meeting a hundred four days ago and joe biden said he would not negotiate, he reached out to him almost daily from mistaken so he knew the dalen was coming he passively responsible bill, tell me how the negotiations are going and you think that your caucus is going to give up a really good bill in exchange for joe biden betting that you never get that bill passed. >> think it to all the viewers and especially to all the republican members of the house and in the senate because they had help firm together you're right. on february 4th i sat down with the president saying let's negotiate a debt ceiling increase but also change the trajectory of the money that
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were spending we come to stop runaway spending. he ignored us for hundred five days. because we united were able to pass a bill we got and where we had a meeting. the president said all along he would not negotiate any had to just increase the debt ceiling. emma chuck schumer said that. yesterday was a breakthrough technology it's no longer positioned they can hold. and now they've even appointed two of their minister to people to work with our staff to work to try to find and solve this problem. you know we have been very clear sean, you can keep raising the debt ceiling think having a child have a credit card and year come after year, after year, you keep reaching the limit and you keep expanding it. expanding it. there becomes a point where your credit card now cost you more than all the money you make in a year, it's bigger than your entire condo. you are responsible for paying it, we should actually look how your spending money a limit save, grow. we limit how much we spend in the future, we save money by
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pulling back that covert money that was not spent. we put in work requirements this is only for able-bodied people with no dependents. it helps them to come from poverty to job. it helps them get out of the poverty. and then we look at place that we can cut the red tape so we can build things america again. we become energy independent. just a few of the things we've also shown member will be put in here can is 87,000 irs agents. a lot of good ideas to be able to relish the debt ceiling next he put an economy that stronger and less dependent on china. >> hannity: mr. speaker, you're able to pass by a margin of only two votes you don't have the big margin to play with in the house. the only a 14 days ago and i think the budget is really responsible you raise the debt ceiling to bring spending back to 2022 levels. reduced baseline budgeting increases to what 1% a year? the scores it out at
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4.8 trillion that's me fiscal responsibility and i'll give the things i mentioned. now let's say is my final offer and you bring that deal back to your caucus, do you think you were to get a majority in your caucus to go along with this late minute deal after she would even talk to you for hundred days? >> sean, i believe that we could forget to get to a think of this the president said he was not gonna negotiate we were just gonna raise the debt ceiling. first of all we have just now been able to have a victory. the president can no longer say that. it's a know the debt ceiling will not get raised with no changes if we'd a fundamental change will we get a cap on what were spending that shines valor saved it would change the trajectory we get work requirements that's the biggest welfare reform we've had since bill clinton signed the bill. if were able to get savings were were spending less that be the biggest cut since ronald reagan.
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this is an idea that republican's of sub together the house and the senate we're gonna have to see when we could declare victory and show the american public we stick together we can win and make america stronger. >> i think a large part have to give credit to your colleagues in the senate have stood by you and your bill and so it'll be speaker mccarthy and joe biden the negotiate this 43 senators in the document saying john kennedy did not sign it but he said he would stick by your bill it's really 44 so stark it happened they are knocking to get a bill out of the senate. it basically is can be your bill and any changes you might make where might you think about making changes to what i think was a really good bill they passed the house? >> does a really good bill in the house with the pass the bill and the senate. we told them with the spend less. we told him that we are going to negotiate on off our bill and so we are sitting in the room try to get this done we can get this
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done to be able to move forward to stop her inflation come off the dependency of china and give it get america working again. we combine the together republicans of shown that we can the president ignore this problem he ignored the border, but no we also passed hr to secure our border and coming up and places get summing up that in this bill as well. >> hannity: inflation is transitory. i will say this mr. speaker i appreciate the fact the year at this late hour trying negotiate after he abandoned you and the entire republican majority in the house. however i will say that if there is a default for the first time in the history of this country that will be on joe biden. they'll be joe biden's default. it will be his. speaker mccarthy thank you we appreciate it. [applause] and major chains in york city after outrage for illegal immigrants being housed in public schools sara carter on the road today gives us a full
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report. as we continue. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> hannity: outrage is gone tonight over new york city's plan to house newly arriving illegal immigrants in school gyms all over the city. after a series of protests by concerned parents, dozens of illegals have just been removed from one school in brooklyn is with his parents told her very own sara carter earlier today take a look at this. >> as a parent what is your biggest concern about what is happening right now, especially when you see the number of migrants in the gym been taken over? >> my biggest concern is safety.
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not only for our kids but also for anybody. >> for us as parents your issue is you want us to trust you use a short-term you couldn't trust us enough to tell us what's going on. we broke woke up to this. he ran this down our throats and i telling us justice can be short will believe that. >> either the immigrants of the children so we can make up our mind which one we care about. this is a school it's not a shelter. they have shelters all over the place. >> what is your biggest concern as a mother is what is happening here at your school chris mark >> my biggest concern at the moment is the safety of my kids, i have two young kids at the school and also concern for the refugees school gyms are not homes. >> does ability to learn is a place where kids go to learn this on a place for people to come and stay at spent long-term at school we talk about? at the school.
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>> hannity: the city now says it's looking at housing illegal immigrants and office buildings and maybe even i'm not made up that notorious prison at rikers island great conditions i'm sure. i get this as of now 50% of all new york city hotel rooms are filled with illegal immigrants paid for by your tax dollars. a very own sara carter wow. [cheers and applause] i really feel for these parents eccentric and off schooling and education. not one person that's coming to this country legally has been vetted. we don't know about any radical backgrounds associations reviews, they do nothing. >> absolutely sean that was the base concern for a lot of parents for example where the schools we stopped now removing the migrants apparently. they were all men in the school gym 10 feet separation between
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the gym and the school. parents were very concern his men were loitering out side of the school drinking, smoking. one of the neighbor set spent my whole morning cleaning up beer cans and the cigarettes. i try to talk to some of the men came out of the gym some of them tell me they were from venezuela others from ecuador. the issue is this i contacted what a patrol and obviously he is the president of the national border patrol council. and right now with 16,000 in custody at the border. i know in custody at the border with about 1500 tour country. they are unable to properly get them. which means that they can only do a background check on them if they committed a crime in the united states. or if they ping interpol database. other than that we have no idea who these men are and we've seen the tragedy of that young lady was just rape it when illegal
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migrant of course he can happen with anyone these are preventable tragedies there have been across united states. >> you chronicled the human trafficking, the fat and all, the methamphetamine to her when cody opioids. they just killing our children also because the borders are wide open. this could be by the end of your three we cannot estimate around seven a half million illegal ohmic visit president is aiding and in and embedding lawbreaking. period. >> he is embedding drug traffickers and human traffickers in the event in our immigration system right now the president has designated the human traffickers and head of the drug cartels the middlemen for our immigration policy and our system. and it's complete on acceptable. these children are abused, women are abused, our children are dying we have counterfeit fennel pills all over the streets, one of my family members right now mostly very close friend who
6:30 pm
took a pill that was counterfeit in graduate law school was ready to see his whole life ahead of them and they died. they died because they took a poll on the street that they thought was a xanax i think everyone needs to say this the biggest national security any manchurian crisis of modern times. >> hannity: thank you great reporting. democratic to say don't care about legal immigrants once while they slip up and reveal their true reasons for wanting open borders take a look. >> tourism, construction, agriculture, there can have vegetables rotting in the fields, juergen have construction sites that will lie dormant or certainly will struggle to get workers to help make sure that they can make progress. >> does come across are the ones who are helping to put food on our table. while some are not able to eat.
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>> they clean our homes and look after the most precious in our families. >> shortage of workers and you see in florida some the farmers we should be exempt it's up north we need them up and down here. >> hannity: 2 2024 a republican presidential candidate back with us sir how are you? >> good how are you? >> hannity: we had the border under control i'm afraid about the drugs, i'm afraid about the human trafficking i'm afraid about the cost, we cannot afford to feed, house, educate, offer health care and assistance to everybody is entering this country. also what about those people on the terror watch list that we caught webb at the pool we didn't catch? your bring tire cells right here in this country and the means of air plotting, planning and scheming in attack to destroy and murder americans. do you agree with that?
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>> i hopefully agree you just talk about the fennel cross and it's on the border that's also killing over 200 americans per day on american soil. then you take this on next level building the wall alone is not sufficient. killing americans american soil as justification for use in the u.s. military that's why was the first candidate to say it we can use our military to secure somebody else's on the board somewhere else we can certainly use our military to secure our own southern border and need leadership to actually deliver on that. [applause] >> hannity: what you think the motivation is? wife then adopted a policy that they leave the borders wide open and then lied to us and save the borders secure if i hear it one more time i hate being lied to, but between joe biden they just lie constantly. >> site the democratic party of 2023 early meanness it sounds like that the democrat party
6:33 pm
listen to some of those clips you play. using short-term economic justifications to justify a legal and immoral behavior. the vegetables will run the field we n need to plug our cro. as the thing the democrats were saying in the 1860s to justify a different form of immoral and illegal behavior in the form of slavery now they're using the justification for illegal immigrants to be able to turn the other way. and abandoned the rule of law. i refuse to stand by and watch as i delete. i see going to the south side chicago on friday. not a popular stop for any republicans on the campaign trail. america first includes all americans you know that's a black committee the most evils democrat on the south of chicago, they too are being plagued by the same trend. where high schools are being taken over and turned into encampments or illegals crossing the southern border and there is mad about it is i want to new york. i think this is a unifying american issue to say that we stand for the rule of law in this country.
6:34 pm
what does the germ report over there so southern crossings and the southern border. the deeper cancer is that we abandon the rule of law if elected president of say this we are going to restore it once and for all this country. [applause] >> hannity: thank you my friend. straight ahead the mob just found a new obsession women's bathing suits way too you see the latest marketing stunt from adidas right here next to me laura ingraham when we come b back. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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[cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> hannity: we thought the corporate woke madness was coming to an end you can think again take a look at your screen this is from the adidas website
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apparently the company as a person who appears to be a male modeling a woman swimsuit by the way for the record that is not me. [laughter] chest hair and all the photos were widely panned on twitter and social media with former ncaa riley gains right in the weight woke is about recent women in south carolina congresswoman nancy mace wrote i'm old enough to remember when women actually modeled women's bathing suits not men. let's give a warm reaction we welcome the host of "the ingraham angle" live in studio laura ingraham. [cheers and applause] oh, man. wow how are you? >> laura: i'm good. >> hannity: day ago.
6:40 pm
i don't get that reaction when i walk out. >> laura: as it should be, as it should be. >> hannity: can use this to me? last night you a great show and you had on this group of women in the sorority. >> laura: cap, kappa gamma. the national chapter, force them to admit a man into the sor sorority. everyone says biological man i find that redundant so to say man. let's give it streamlined. a man was allowed into the sorority so the girls are just describing their life in their house for the usually just so relaxed because they're all with each other the rock into the shower to get showered and ready for party may see some slob sitting on the couch, leering at them silently. there's a time -- i'm not gonna say it but sam is watching i know my senior
6:41 pm
producer i think your written word and teleprompter i was not quite ready for that word but something i'm not saying it no. was a shock to me. >> hannity: anna. >> laura: i don't think you know me if you think you can prepare for me. they are filing a national lawsuit there point is there really brave there point is we came university of wyoming agenda sorority we are paying our dues because he wanted to be in a sisterhood a true sisterhood and it shatters that sense of safety and security and togetherness as sisters him sorority. >> hannity: you are living out a key detail i got a little weird. he became a little excited.
6:42 pm
>> laura: it was visible to one of. >> hannity: why would any young woman in college to go through that. let's go back in time not a long time ago i thought we had a movement where men didn't treat women this way. that that was the me too movement now they're advocating in there helping it, they're aiding and abetting in it? what happened? >> laura: it identified as something that's an politically correct and woke is of some allowed benefits and you get the benefit of it out regardless of how make some people feel. so the girls were as normally mattered their sensibilities ignored and dismissed and meanwhile the man in the sorority just gets to do the instagram and the influence on social media and separate every thing is. is not great to these girls. >> hannity: want let's get your general thoughts on the
6:43 pm
2024 election. >> laura: you see slight changes happening even in urban america i know people get depressed and they see what happen in chicago at brandon johnson worse than the other one. horrible it's worse you start seeing minority voters: a second this is not what we bargain for we thought this we can get more rights and more respect and instead they're getting shafted at so liberalism is doing it shatters every institution it seemed does it. i think a lot of people in middle america and people, working class people if you they're being steamrolled by the left i think you can see gradual changes but are republicans at the show up in urban america. [applause] >> hannity: want republicans but are embraced voting, funded by mail and if the duplicate and surpass what democrats are doing
6:44 pm
in terms of legal ballot harvesting. >> laura: we have plenty of billionaires on our side and instead of having another building and doubting your name at a fancy institution when we see the country house that for change? that's what we should do with our money. [applause] >> hannity: i know you have a great show tonight how great is laura chris m tonight? coming up question circulating around chris harry and allege catastrophic car chase last night joining the onset to discuss woman come back straight ahead. [applause] ♪ ♪ my most important kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others, neuriva plus is a multitasker supporting 6 key indicators of brain health. to help keep me sharp.
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[applause] ♪ ♪ >> hannity: now claiming that they were the victims of a two hour near catastrophic car chase wall riding in a taxi last night involving a paparazzi ambush which is exactly how princess diana died. new details now casting down these claims according to an nypd spokesperson there's no collisions no tickets, no injuries, no rest for the incident and harry and meghan's cabdriver told the near post that it was not scary what happen when i had them in the cab although he did note that they were previously in another vehicle. so what exactly is it about this they made it near catastrophic with mark he to win clay travis rk hosts kayleigh mcenany her.
6:50 pm
[applause] i'm a little sensitive about rushing to judgment because we don't know fully that have cameras all over new york so what we will be set together. but here's problem. this lookup the couple disclaim over and over again that they want privacy. they had privacy in montecito, california, and with the richest areas in california. they had it in the video netflix deal in the you and oprah interview and then they do a book. the doing everything they can do to make money off me in public so i'm not buying this victimhood that they claim. >> for all the privacy that they have the love this there at this massive event to get their picture taken. that's what was happening here. but the thing is crazy to me they had this quote from a security detail they said that apparently there were about a dozen vehicles, cars, scooters and bicycles chasing them in a high-speed chase. bicycles and scooters in a high-speed chase? amassing any of those.
6:51 pm
>> hannity: i can tell you bicycles are faster than a car new york. what you think? >> handle you're probably really excited this is embarrassing to admit is a heterosexual man but i love the royal family i love all the trauma i just cannot get enough of it. >> hannity: do we need to re-examine? >> it's possible. look, i think first of all and asked kaylee this there dressed nicely i understand of the paparazzi are teasing you at six in the morning and you have kids on your hips and try to get out, they're just super nice one at just pose for 3-4 minutes to allow them to take the photographs and to give you peace. as the story continues to come out and i watched the crown, i watched a document or they put. it's a great show. it's really great show. i just can't look away. the story that southport did i thought it was just so great they came out and said we want privacy and how may people saw it but they called out
6:52 pm
meghan markle here's my thought i've three boys i know you've a couple kids money of a couple kids too. the idea that they would ever marry someone who basically tells them you need to force the rest of your family it is actually one of the scribbling things to think about is apparent. because you do your best job to raise them i'm not saying that harry and william had an ideal existence this really didn't. but the idea that you basically force him to choose her or the family, if you are in a relationship this kind of getting serious all of a sudden but if you're in a relationship and so ever says it's the boyfriend of the girlfriend or at your family. to me that's a relationship you should not be in. it's a poor choice. >> hannity: 100 aqua mate if is the person is the life that he was born into it is very different from the average person but she knew what she was getting into. i see both sides.
6:53 pm
>> i was gonna say as i was watching of the network briefly and i heard them say. never, never i only watch you. i heard them say look at the family the royal family has not called harry and meghan to ask them how they are doing. we were the royal family is used to their antics, maybe they saw this biography they came out a bit are used to seeing all of this because i watched the netflix documentary twice i will say. i was on maternity leave so at a lot of bottle-feeding as i watched it there's a moment where she's like lamenting the fact of the paparazzi chasing after her anything this really dramatic and if a bad for, no one should be and all of a sudden the flashback and is not chaotic at all. >> hannity: i bennett fox at 27 years i'm never once been to white house correspondents' dinner and i will never allow that record to be broken in be the longest if you don't want
6:54 pm
that you don't go to those places, you don't go to those events unless my employer makes me. which is happened a few times. i can't stand that environment. >> i get it and it's come back around again to i feel sorry for harry. he seem like a totally normal dude who would come through obviously a very difficult childhood but end up with her, she seems awful to me. and i imagine a lot of people on here feel the same way and you can never get into any marriage you never know exactly what's going on there but wait a minute. >> hannity: is harry not have a mind of his own? does harry not make his own decisions? >> i don't want to get into t that. >> it feels like is desperate to be loved and is willing to give away everything in his life to find someone who loves him and she is taken advantage of diagnosing his personality in that way. spew what i think they're both made for each other there both
6:55 pm
publicity hounds and say otherwise it's a charade to me. because if you ever think possible to get media attention. >> the exact opposite of william and kate the most dignified at the time of being a mother does not seem to be seeking anything just doing her job. >> you know what you were getting into you never had any idea with the royal family was about until now? she, meghan markle seems a hundred percent fake. >> hannity: what way? >> when you date the second in line to become the king of england the idea that you be like all the royal family this is kind of a big deal. yeah, we know did you do and no research all caps mark she didn't date him when he was hiding a pretend to be someone else, she knew what she was getting into ever thing about her feels fake. spew when you have an encyclopedic knowledge on sports in the morning you watch the crown i can't figure that one out. >> it's a fabulous show. >> hannity: great to see you both. thank you, more "hannity"
6:56 pm
straight ahead. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪
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